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Rats/mice can carry and spread all kinds of viral and bacterial diseases. They also contaminate significant amounts of the world’s food supply every year as well as cause damage to homes and structures. Protecting your home and family is Alfa J Service first priority, and our rodent prevention and control programs are the best in the industry!

Alfa J Service Rodent Prevention and Control programs start with a detailed inspection of the inside and outside of your home or business, as well as the attic. This helps us discover possible rodent hiding spots and high traffic areas.

Rodent Prevention

Rodent Trapping

Placement of the newest and most effective rodent snap and glue traps along with a non toxic bait used as an attractant.

Traps will be checked by our trained technicians regularly for bait additions and rodent removal.

Rodent Monitoring

Placement of locked, tamper proof bait stations fixed to patio stones around the perimeter of your home or business. These stations use an anticoagulant rodenticide to eliminate your rodent problem.

Monitoring frequency will be determined by the level of rodent problem.


Rodent Exclusion

Sealing of all accessible entry points into the structure that are ¼ of an inch or larger in diameter. Entry points are sealed with the latest rodent proofing materials.

Applying entry limiting screens to all pipes and additional travel routes rodents use to gain access to your home or business.