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Once a bedbug infestation has occurred, it is nearly impossible to eradicate without help. The best way to get rid of these pests for good is by hiring a licensed pest management professional.

Bed Bug Control Service Done by the Pros
Bed bugs can be difficult to remove. Our Technicians are well-equipped to detect, quantify and determine the best and most effective strategy to begin erradication.

There are many ways to prepare for the containment and extermination process. Because bedbugs do not only live in beds, it is extremely important to tidy up and organize in every room so that the exterminator can be most effective.


Preparing for Bed bugs



  • Once your property has been treated for Bedbugs, be sure to stay out for at least 4 hours. Once you return, wait for couches, beds, and other furniture to dry completely before using.
    Please do not leave any pets behind.

Before Treatment

Ensure the following has been done:

  • Remove all bedding.
  • Everything that has been on/touched the bed has been removed and contained (including stuffed animals, canopies, etc.)
  • All bedding, slipcovers, pet bedding, and similar items have been dry cleaned (or washed in detergent and the hottest water the fabric can stand) and stowed away from the infested area.
  • Lift mattresses and box springs out of the bed frame and stand them up against a wall.
  • All carpeting, upholstered furniture, and wooden flooring that contains gaps between the tiles or slats has been methodically vacuumed (and washed or shampooed, if possible, with products that do not contain stain repellents).
  • The freshly cleaned carpeting has dried (must be dry before treatment is performed).
  • Everything that can be removed from the floor, should be stacked on tables (to provide maximum access to the floor for treatment).
  • Pets have received professional flea treatments or have been treated with a high quality flea shampoo This should be done just before the house is to be treated (or while it is being treated). Pets must be kept out of the house until the products used inside the house have dried thoroughly.
  • All closets and storage spaces have been completely emptied.
  • All rugs, floors, carpets, mattresses, couch cushions, box springs, counters, corners, etc. have been vacuumed (anything that can be vacuumed or steam vacuumed should be) .
  • All electronics, tools and appliances have been vacuumed (this can be done using small vacuum attachments).
  • A path has been cleared around the walls and furniture has been arranged in clusters (this facilitates the pest control expert’s maneuvering around the house to treat the objects and rooms).

Bedbug Removal


Everything that can be laundered, should be laundered and placed in clean/new plastic bags or plastic containers and sealed prior to the treatment. The list of items that should be included in laundering are listed at the end of this document and include such items as drapes, stuffed animals, bed skirts, etc.

  1. Launder all items (including linens and bedding) according to the manufacturers label, however, whenever possible use the highest allowable heat settings in both the washer and drier. Temperatures reaching 140 degrees (or above) have been proven to kill all stages of bed bug development.
  2. Bags used to transport laundry prior to the washing/ drying cycles should never be reused and should be discarded outside of the property after transportation. All clean items should be placed in new bags, sealed tightly, and remain sealed during the treatment process.
  3. Items that cannot be washed but that can be dried in the dryer at a high heat temperature for should be for minimum of 30 minutes. Discard debris collected in the lint trap after each cycle.
  4. Items that cannot be laundered should be taken to the dry cleaner.


The mechanical removal of bed bugs by vacuuming thoroughly is an important part of preparing for treatment. The use of a crevice attachment is imperative to access bed bugs hiding inside mattress seams, furniture interiors, baseboards and any place that could accommodate them.

  1. Vacuum floors, carpets and area rugs
  2. Vacuum mattresses including all crevices, handles, or buttons
  3. Vacuum the baseboards, bed frame, sofas, futons, recliners and other over-stuffed and upholstered furniture
  4. Discard all vacuum bags immediately after each use

After Treatment

Once the initial treatment has been completed we recommend staying out of the treated home or unit for a minimum of four hours. This allows for an appropriate amount of time for the materials used to dry completely. Only after four hours should you, your children, and/or your pets resume residence in the home or apartment.

In order to prevent the need to repeat many of the steps necessary to prepare for your follow-up treatment, we do recommend that you not move your furniture and items back into place if at all possible. In most cases a follow-up treatment has already been scheduled for you and generally will fall within 2-3 weeks from the initial treatment.

Commercial Properties

Property Management Companies

This service requires preparation in advance (see checklist pdf). A good preparation facilitates the effectiveness of the treatment. If the tenant is not prepared according to the checklist, the technician will not do the service and you may be subject to a charge of $75 for the service call

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